Standard Fees For Lasting Powers of Attorney and For Wills

Lasting Powers of Attorney

There are two types of Power. One for Property and Financial matters and the other relating to Health and Welfare matters.

Our fees will include:

  • A meeting with you to advise, discuss your options and receive your instructions
  • Preparation of the Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Preparation of the applications to Register the Power
  • Providing guidance as required for your Attorneys and the Certificate Provider
  • Overseeing all signing and witnessing formalities
  • Submission of the Power to the Office of the Public Guardian for Registration


Our Fee
One LPA for single instruction £400 +VAT
Both sets of LPA for single instruction £550 +VAT
One set of mirror LPA £600 +VAT
Both sets of LPA for a couple £850 +VAT

There is a Court fee payable to the Office of the Public Guardian for Registration of each Lasting Power of Attorney. Currently this is £82. The fee is not subject to VAT.

Solicitor Certified copies of the Registered Power can be pre-ordered at £10 plus VAT, each.

WILLS are drawn to the specific needs of the individual. We can offer fixed fees for standard Wills. This would not include: any Will making Trust provisions for a disabled or vulnerable beneficiary; or making Trust provision for asset protection; or making provision for a second spouse and/or children of a former marriage; or to protect occupation of a property or where issues of Domicile, Business or Foreign assets arise.

Our fees will include:

  • A meeting with you to advise, discuss your options and receive your instructions
  • Preparation of draft Will with supporting advice for your consideration
  • Attending you for the signing and witnessing formalities
  • A storage facility if required


Our Fee
Single person Standard Will £290 +VAT
Mirror Image Wills married couple / civil partners £490 +VAT
Associated Inheritance Tax Advice £150 to £300 +VAT
Non Standard Wills will be quoted after initial interview £400 to £1,000 +VAT

Charging Structure For Probate

Dependent on the nature and value of the assets of the estate and the identity of the beneficiaries an Estate either will – or will not be – ‘Exempt’ from the requirements of a full Inheritance Tax Return to obtain Probate. The following parameters are a guide of the likely cost of each administration based on the time that will be expended by the legal advisor. A more precise indication can be given once we have full details of the Estate. We do not make any percentage or ‘value element’ charge. The more valuable estate is not necessarily the more complex.

Our Fee*
Estate Exempt to obtain Grant of Probate only £900 – £1,300 +VAT
Exempt Estate full administration and distribution £1,300 – £3,500 +VAT
Non Exempt Estate full administration and distribution £3,500 – £7,500 +VAT

Where an Estate is particularly straight forward there is flexibility outside the above parameters to ensure that our fee would not exceed the value of time expended had the matter been charged on a time recorded basis.

Estates involving complexities – for example

  • Grants for assets in other jurisdictions
  • Re-seal of England and Wales Grant for assets in other jurisdictions
  • Beneficiaries living abroad
  • Intestacy or partial intestacy ie there is no Will or the Will does not deal with all assets
  • Defective Will or missing Will
  • Missing beneficiaries
  • Multiple assets
  • Involving complex lifetime tax arrangements

Will be quoted on an individual basis, or charged on a time recorded basis at the Legal Advisor’s hourly rate.

Disbursements for Private Client Work

The disbursements that you may pay can vary depending on the type of work that we are completing for you.  A disbursement is a cost payable to another organisation, payable by us acting as your agent in any given matter.  Examples of disbursements which may arise include:

Probate Court Fees £155.00
Each Copy of the Grant £1.50
Bankruptcy Search on Beneficiaries  £2.00
Power of Attorney Court Fees (per LPA)  £82.00

Who will be dealing with my matter?

Your matter will be dealt with by a trusted member of the private client team.  Our qualified lawyers have many years experience in dealing with matters relating to Wills, Probates and Lasting Powers of Attorney.  Once we know who will be handling the case for your, we will provide you with full details of their background and qualifications.  You can also find out more about our team on the Who We Are section of this website.