They’re not pets – they’re family

At Baldwin & Robinson, our pets are part of the team. In fact, many of us don’t like the term pets: they’re our family!

If you ask some members of the team – you know who you are, Jobie Baldwin – their furry family is the main reason they get up in the morning.

Non-human team members include dogs, cats and ferrets. They all have their distinct personalities, character traits and, dare I say it, skill-sets.

Here are just a few of the ways they could add value in a solicitor’s office.


Dexter is a ten-month-old Cockerpoo. He is the baby of the Robinson family, and he is well known for his boundless enthusiasm and high-spirited personality.

Members of the commercial team must display exceptional legal knowledge and a high-level of attention to detail. Although Dexter would be the first to admit to a certain scattiness, he does think his willingness, high-energy and enthusiasm add something to the mix.


Monty is a five-year-old Podenco, and he is the youngest member of the Baldwin clan.  Residential conveyancers need to work quickly and effectively; they need to be outgoing and customer focused. Monty’s skill-set matches many of the job requirements, although he does tend to be more food-focused than client-focused – unless, of course, the client has food.

Monty sees his main job role to be checking the contents of the office bins; although he is always willing to do security checks on people entering and leaving the premises – they might be carrying something nutritious, after all!


Jo’s beloved Staffie, Shanti, has a calendar age of seven (and a half) but a mental age significantly lower. She’s only an occasional visitor to the office but she makes the most of all the fuss and treats. She could be described as a happy-go-lucky if distracted, team member.

Shanti’s motto is “what Shanti wants, Shanti gets”, and who are we to disagree with her (who could resist that adorable face?).

Lori (aka Best Lorian)

Lori is the elder statesman of the Baldwin & Robinson family. An eleven-year-old retired racing Greyhound, Lori has moved into a management role, leaving the busy daily grind to the younger pups.

His laid-back personality and ‘seen-it-all’ attitude bring a level head to the more strategic decisions – like where the water bowl should be placed and what sized bed will fit into that tempting space between Stuart and Wayne.

Lori takes full advantage of the modern flexible-working culture, working mainly from his bed home office. After all, the noisy office phones could interrupt him when he is trying to nap concentrate.


Suki is Kim’s six-year-old cat. Sadly, Suki is an orphan, but she certainly landed on her feet (haha) when she was adopted by the Baker family at ten months old.

Suki hasn’t let her tough start in life hold her back. She has bags of personality. In fact, bags – and specifically climbing into them – is a bit of a hobby of hers.

Suki’s inquisitive yet mischievous nature would be a good fit for the Conveyancing team where Kim works.

So, that’s your introduction to just a few of our furry team members. Many of them are rescues and last year all our office fundraising and charitable donations went to a local animal rescue centre.

Added to that, Jobie spends time each week volunteering for numerous rescue centres, checking out potential homes and owners to make sure they are suitable for the dog or cat they want to adopt.

If you are an animal lover, or even if you aren’t, we and our furry helpers would love to help you out with your legal needs.

Look out for the next instalment of Baldwin & Robinson Pets. And we’d love to see pictures of your furry friends – feel free to share them with us!

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